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How much has the Hub project cost and how was the money be raised?

The actual cost of the adaption work to the building has become clear now that the work are completed. 

The cost of adaption works is c. £220,000, mostly for construction work but also including supplementary costs such as a new heating system, furniture, kitchen equipment and an audio-visual system.

The bulk of the money has come from major grant providers which can be seen on our funding page. But local fundraising and smaller grants have also be very important.

When will the Hub be ready?

The works have nearly all been completed, with the path to be reinstated and the final building inspection to be done. Bookings are available via this website for May 2024 onwards.

Will the Hub be available to all local residents?

That is certainly the intention although in some situations there will be minimal charges for some events to help cover the building’s running costs. The Hub will also be available for hire by local organisations for events such as concerts and society meeting, with the hire proceeds again contributing to the upkeep of the building. In general, the community will be encouraged to use the Hub as much as possible, and the facilities in the building will enable a wide range of activities to take place.

Will the Church be involved in running the Hub?

The building will continue to be owned by the Church in Wales, which will also retain responsibility for the churchyard. Beyond this, the Church will have no involvement in operating the Hub. It will be run by the Norton Community Trust through a management team under the terms of a 30 year lease with the Church in Wales. Under the terms of the lease, occasional religious services can be held in the building, but both the NCT and the Hub are required to be secular under charity law.

Who will run the Hub?

The operation of the Hub when fully open will be the responsibility of a management team elected by the local community.

The adaption project and overall responsibility lays with the Presteigne and Norton Community Trust, a registered charity.

The detailed planning and implementation of the adaption project was the responsibility of the Norton Community Trust Steering Group. The Group members are: Tony Morgan, Maggie James, Brian Price, John Wilding and John Refaussé.

Can local residents get involved in the Hub project at this stage?

The participation of local residents is not only welcome but indeed essential to the success of the Hub project. Members of the community are encouraged to volunteer their time, expertise but above all enthusiasm to help on working parties, organising events and so on. There will also be opportunities to support local fundraising initiatives, and to make a regular financial contribution to the ongoing fixed costs of running the building.

This support is doubly important because grant-awarding bodies always want to see evidence of community involvement for projects of this kind.

Will individual contributions benefit from Gift Aid?

Yes, Gift Aid donations can be made through our Local Giving account, for more information see our donation page.

How can I help?

As the project develops, we need to be able to call on the services of local volunteers to help with a range of activities.

These can include

  • Clearing and generally preparing the Hub building in advance of the adaptation work
  • Membership of the management team which will run the Hub
  • Helping at local fundraising events such as the Jubilee celebration and the Norton Fair
  • Providing expert advice in key areas such as finance and administration, project management, fundraising, building maintenance, planning Hub-based activities, interior design, charity operations.

If you are able to volunteer and play an active part in this exciting community project, please fill in the form on our Volunteering page.

If you have a question that is not covered above, then please go to the Contact Us page and use the message form to ask your question.

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